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RTS Leeds - Chamfering

Chamfering Machines

We have designed and built chamfering machines to handle a range of materials including ferrous, non ferrous and various superalloys. The pictures below give a couple of examples of the chamfering  equipment we have supplied.

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Superalloy Bar Chamfering Machine

Auto load, transfer, chamfer & unload system.
Double ended chamfering.
500kg bar load.
Auto load-unload & transfer.
Auto length & diameter adjustment.
Utilises standard belts.
Operator interface.


Auto Double Ended Chamferer

Load, transfer, inspection, date code & unload system. 700kg payload.
Auto load-unload & transfer.
Visual inspection station.
Operator interface.
Auto date coded bar.

Bar Linishing Machine

Transporter & tank system.
Auto pick & place transporter.
50kg payload.
Cantilever guide rail design.
Fully automatic cycle.
Full environmental control.
Full tank solution control.



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