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You have the right to use the images for non-commercial and educational purposes such as personal research, or the production of individual project work. You also have the right to use the images to produce rough drafts for future commercial work such as comps, layouts for in-house presentations, rough draft designs, or story-boards, providing always that a License To Use has been issued by RTS (Leeds) Ltd before the final work is produced. That is the full extent of reproduction rights that are granted. For all other uses, you must contact RTS (Leeds) Ltd.

You are not allowed to use the images for commercial purposes such as advertising, brochures, editorial publications, public multimedia presentations, nor may you sell, publish, license or otherwise distribute any of the photographs without a License To Use from RTS (Leeds) Ltd. You may not place copies of the images on electronic bulletin boards for general access.

When using images in comp layouts, keep in mind that the copyright belongs to RTS (Leeds) Ltd. If your design work involves manipulation of the photographs – retouching, shrinking, stretching, darkening, lightening, tracing, copying, adding images to other images or in any other way changing them – you will still require a License To Use from RTS (Leeds) Ltd.

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RTS (Leeds) Ltd personnel have been providing specialised machinery and equipment solutions to industry in the UK and overseas since 1985. Please contact us if you would like to see what we can do for you.

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