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We have produced a range of cut off machines and control systems to meet all manner of customer requirements. Materials include ferrous, non ferrous and various superalloys. A selection of these machines is shown below. These illustrate the kinds of cutting solutions we have successfully designed, manufactured and delivered to satisfied customers.

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Component Test, Oil Spray and Pallet Loading Machine

Component automatically gauge
tested & oil sprayed.
Components automatically stacked
into transit pallets.
Automatic failed parts rejection.
Timed automatic cycle.
High volume automotive parts


Ultra High Pressure Water Jet Cutting

15kW Bar Cutter
508mm abrasive disk
Load & unload conveyor system
Adjustable length stop
Accurate cutting for high value material

Explosion Testing Vessel

‘Flying’ Band Saw.
10 to 200mm alloy bar.
Auto load & unload.
Programmable length.
Special alloy cutting.


9 Tonne Furnace Casting Pot

45kW Bar Cutter.
600mm abrasive disk.
Auto load & unload. Programmable length.
Auto diameter detection.
High value material.


RTS (Leeds) Ltd personnel have been providing specialised machinery and equipment solutions to industry in the UK and overseas since 1985. Please contact us if you would like to see what we can do for you.