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Testing Equipment

We have been called upon to provide a range of handling solutions required to meet some unusual customer specifications. Materials being manipulated include ferrous, non ferrous and various superalloys. A few of the systems we have designed and built are pictured below. These illustrate a few examples where we were required to apply a breadth of expertise to formulate the correct solution for the application. These projects were managed on a full ‘turnkey’ basis.

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Sample Polishing Machine

Test sample preparation.
Variable control on tape feed, reciprocation frequency and rotary speed.
3 independent stations.
Timed automatic cycle.
Adjustable tape pressure.


Mould Crack Detection Machine

Load, transfer, inspection, date code & unload system. 700kg payload.
Auto load-unload & transfer.
Visual inspection station.
Operator interface.
Auto date coded bar.

Aerospace Blade Crack Detection

Transporter & tank system.
Auto pick & place transporter.
50kg payload.
Cantilever guide rail design.
Fully automatic cycle.
Full environmental control.
Full tank solution control.


Cast Bar Crack Detection

Automatic feed from previous operation.
Automatic Component detection.
Automatic pick, transfer, lower & retract. 8 off components per cycle.
3 layers of components, 120 per layer.
Auto alarm when full.

Aerospace Blade Casting Tester

Blade Casting Flow Test Booth.
Booth & blade handling system.
Table payload 100 kg.
Manual blade location.
Full environmental control.
Full test solution control.



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